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Grassroot Campaign

Grassroots Campaigns is a full-service digital agency that specialises in visual storytelling to fuel political campaigns. Our team handles everything from strategy and vision to design, development, and execution, so candidates can focus on sharing their story.

We help our clients identify, organise, motivate and mobilise their most active supporters. We then train those supporters to connect with friends & neighbours who are willing to go out, knock doors and share your message.

Our team worked with our client to develop the messaging, design and launch campaign that would get their message out to the voters. We produced high quality political ads, internet and direct mail pieces, social media outreach and TV spots.
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Grassroot Mobilisation with our Campaign

Mobilizing People
Mobilizing People

Political Ninjas Grassroot Campaign is the way of building political campaigns with the direct involvement of people, who are concerned about a specific cause and want to take action on it. It’s more than just convincing a voter , or signing a petition. It means being part of a cause that is greater than yourself—fighting for something you believe in.

Local Communities
Local Communities

Our grassroots organisations campaign focuses on empowering and encouraging the local grassroot community, who are directly affected by their government’s decisions and policies. We have campaign planning, strategy and execution services. We are helping grassroots advocacy organisations to plan, design and mobilise their volunteers and advocate for the grassroot community as a whole in the elections.

Lead with Conviction
Lead with Conviction

We help you to connect with your grassroot community. Lead with conviction. Join Our Campaign We work on grassroots advocacy mobilisation with our campaign to reach out to unique voices and participate. Our grassroots organisation campaign is a combination of rural, urban and traditional media. We use a variety of specialised methods to reach voters on the ground, through a network of volunteers, social media and mass media.

Uniting People
Uniting People

Grassroots movements are what move the world. They are a catalyst for change, bringing people together to make history. Grassroots Campaigns is at the forefront of this movement and we aim to empower our clients through innovative campaign planning, communications and marketing tactics.

 Reaching the Grassroots
Reaching the Grassroots

Our grassroots organisation political campaign is aimed at improving your marketing and overall business results by focusing on what matters most, the people you serve. We can help you mobilise your campaign through grassroot mobilisation and social media marketing.With our campaign, we hope to reach the grassroots and mobilise them for political causes.

Power of Volunteers

Grassroots organisation campaigns are an effective way to mobilise a large number of potential voters. Having a large number of volunteers available to reach out to people in person lets you get an in-depth understanding of what they want, how they feel about the issues, and how most effectively to target them.

Benefits of Campaign

Our Grassroots Analytics Campaign will help you to build your Voter database and give you the power of being able to reach out to them at any point. Grassroots campaigning also aims to get support and attention for a political campaign. There are many ways that this can be accomplished, but it usually involves reaching out to those who will support your cause on a personal level and encouraging them to share their beliefs with the grassroot community.

A grassroots analytics campaign is a type of political campaign that relies heavily on word of mouth and grassroots interaction to spread a campaign message. Grassroots organisations usually do not seek or want donations, but rather encourage volunteers to attend events and mobilise their networks in support of the candidate or cause. Grassroots campaigns will often utilise social media like Facebook and Twitter to organise volunteer actions, recruit supporters, share information and more.

Grassroots campaigning is a form of political action that creates a grassroots movement, usually through encouraging people and groups to take an active part in the political process. In some countries, grassroots campaigns are often organised by networks external to the political party structure.

Benefits of Campaign



Vote bank Targeted Campaign, a new must have campaign that enables you to target specific voters in different segments of India. By backing this project, you will be able to target specific voters based on their political beliefs, who they like as ministers, Mla,MP and much more!


This campaign is designed to target voters in the age bracket of 18-45 years. The objective is to build a grassroot network and connect with voters through local elections, rallies and other activities. The campaign will essentially target a voter-base of 100,000 people with the objective to register over 75% of these voters as first-time voters


To reach Voters, political brands must be relevant to the target audience. In many cases, this means highlighting an alternative perspective on existing topics and issues. To form an emotional bond with these Voters, the brand must understand their needs, values and motivations.


Political Ninjas is an expert in the field of political campaigns. We focus on giving unique and strategic branding solutions and brand visibility to our clients. We create political brand awareness strategy for you using which people will get to know about your political party, organisation or interests.


The concept behind branding is simple – once people know what you’re about, they’ll want to hear from you again. This article offers insights into how to craft a clear message and communicate effectively with your audience via website, social media and more.

What are the Elements of Grassroot Political Campaign

  • Vote Bank Targeted Campaign
  • Community Targeted Campaign
  • Area Targeted Campaign
  • Caste Targeted Campaign
Voter Data Analysis

How Community targeted Campaign works

Uniting the Community


It starts with the vision, but it takes a team to accomplish it. Through community driven campaigns, we help activate local leaders to become a part of the grassroots strategy/Movement Our organisation is dedicated to giving a voice back to the community. We believe that voting can give the power back to the people and help them gain access to all aspects of life

Engaging the Community


We have been working with many community groups and organisations to run communal campaigns in their local areas. Our campaign is based on community engagement, to inform the public about events or opportunities that are open to them. This can be anything from; Local elections and legislation, Cultural events,.

Empowering the Community


Our campaign is a form of political mobilisation in which ordinary citizens participate in politics beyond voting. It is the process of bringing new members into the political system and maintaining their membership.This grassroots campaign is designed to engage and empower the community to help empower the next generation of leaders.

Gain Insight


Political Ninjas’s Campaign helps you to build a political community on Facebook and Instagram. Our tools help you manage your volunteers, run polls and recruit local supporters. Our community targeted campaign has been designed to help better understand the most underserved communities. By engaging and listening to the voices of those in communities, we are able to gain insight on how to best conduct an election campaign.

Engage Neighbors


We believe that the best way to get out and engage with your neighbours is by hosting events in the community. With that being said we have found the best success with short, but valuable meetings for members of all ages; these meetings typically last no longer than 30 minutes. In order to meet your members, you must hold at least 2 or 3 events per month.

Encouraging Political Activism


To raise awareness of the grassroot campaign and to motivate the community was done through this campaign.Grassroot Campaign was developed to empower people to stand up and become politically active. Thousands of volunteers from across the country came together to help inform their communities about the importance of voting in the election, getting out the vote, or simply volunteering in the campaign’s office.













Why Area Targeted Campaign is important in Election Campaigning

Brand Analysis
Targeting Key Areas

Our program aims to cover all areas of a constituency to canvass votes from the people and place your party in power either in opposition or emerging. The focus of this type of campaign is on specific areas where either the party has more chance of winning or it has been losing in the previous elections.

Brand Monitoring
Maximizing Outreach

Targeting your political campaign to the right areas is key to success. We use existing voter data, surveys and census information to help you reach the right voters. It uses resources to persuade voters in each geographic area about which candidate is best for that area, rather than campaigning universally to all voters across the entire state or country.

Brand Augmentation
Identifying Problems

The process begins with a clear understanding of what problems need to be solved, how these problems relate to other issues already in existence, and how these can be addressed in an effective way. The Government of India has adopted a policy for development to improve the governance structure and governance company, flow of information and provide better management and coordination.

Public Relations Campaigns
Integrating Social Change

Policy Development for India, in all its dimensions, is the task of a government that has consciously made the development of opinion one of its political preoccupations. The approach to policy-making in India is informed by the belief that ‘Government is a vehicle for social change carried by political parties’. Policy development is a process of integrating diverse interests and goals into an inclusive plan for a country or community.

Media Monitoring
Engaging Stakeholders

It engages stakeholders in designing and implementing appropriate policy creation actions. Policy development is the process of the formulation and refinement of public policy. It includes identification, analysis and selection of policies relevant to a particular problem or target. It also includes the design, implementation and evaluation of such policies at national, regional and state levels.

Local Visibility
Exploring Public Policies

Policy Development for India is about policy concepts and doctrine, advocacy for policies and procedures, governance and professional ethics. It also focuses on current issues that affect the policy field in India. PolicyDevelopment is designed for those who are interested in determining the nature and form of public policies at the level of state or regional -enterprises.

Our Team

We have gathered a skilled and experienced team who are dedicated and enthusiastic to get best quality results


Why Us?

Why are we so amazing?



Political Ninjas is a leading political consultancy with our headquarters present in New Delhi, the capital of India. Over the past decade we have grown into a powerhouse Conglomerate Agency operating out of 3 continents, having served clients in 30+ countries and proudly celebrating numerous success storie



We provide an elite set of premium customized services to a selective top-tier clientele such as Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Politicians and Major Political Parties, Large Multinational Corporations, Celebrities and High Net-worth Individuals.



We limit our services to a selected few clients at one time in order to ensure that our high quality standards are met and expectations are exceeded. We value quality over quantity, and therefore our services are exclusive to the elite, with the goal of creating successful stories through our collaborative efforts and timely completion of projects.



We guarantee to keep all information confidential, secure and private. We back this up by signing binding agreements with all parties associated. We take our role as a political consultancy seriously and make certain that no confidential information is ever divulged beyond those it is intended for.



Well imagine Usain Bolt being asked to race with kids, Sachin Tendulkar being asked to play gully cricket, Lamborghini being asked to race a cycle, Political Ninjas being asked to run a political campaign, ensure your victory in the upcoming elections, create a party manifesto, make your overall presence prominent, remove false and negative mentions about you from the internet. It’s all the same.



Political campaigns, with the support of Artificial Intelligence and premium Machine Learning Tools, Assets and Resources which are so powerful that they can only run on Powerful Data centers, Mainframes and on Supercomputers, which took years in development, implementation, learning and improvement. These are the Secret recipes we use to deliver the best outcome to our clients.

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