Political War Room

Political War Room

Political Ninjas’s war room is designed to enable political campaigners, candidates and elected officials to engage with voters in a coordinated way that is as efficient as it is effective.
  • Political war rooms execute on-the-ground strategies and political tactics in a guerrilla-style campaign ahead of an election.
  • Political wars are fought in an arena where the battle is decided by political infastructure tactics and strategy, rather than weapons such as tanks or bombs.
  • The political war room By Political Ninjas is the nerve centre of your campaign. Here you will work with the political team and political infrastructure, rally your people and resources, coordinate field operations and digital media, and track day-to-day metrics.
  • We provide a strategic approach to digital marketing. The campaign can be as basic as a paid banner ad, or as complex as a multi-million dollar activation using social media, influencer outreach and other channels.
  • A political virtual war room is a physical space used by Political Campaigners and other strategic decision makers. A political war room primarily focuses on supporting intensive field and command post operations, rather than the prediction of future events.
Catalyst for Change in the World of Politics

Political Warfare

Achieving Political Ends

Political warfare is a type of propaganda and public relations used to implement government policy through the manipulation of opinion amongst the general public. Political warfare differs from military warfare in that it utilises political means to achieve military ends and relies on the use of regular military personnel in support roles. Political warfare is a form of military conflict that extends beyond the battlefields of war to involve its political and social consequences. The primary goal of political warfare is regime change.

Political Combat Tactics

Political warfare encompasses efforts to create public opinion in ways favourable to the cause, by which means nations may be brought into line, or can be isolated and isolated regimes may be overthrown. It includes activities such as propaganda, subversion, sabotage and the like. Political combat usually involves covert activities within a nation's borders by opposing factions both against each other and against foreign governments that are perceived as hostile.

Gaining Power Through Support

Politics and political warfare are the efforts of governments to gain and maintain power in the system. The term “political warfare” means not only the gathering, analysis, and direct use of information to guide strategy but also the active participation of governments in propaganda campaigns. Politics and governance is the practice of gaining power by gaining support from voters. Political parties are organisations that gain and wield political power. The parties may be organised primarily to represent a particular ideology or section of the population

Influencing Perception and Emotions

Political warfare is a type of propaganda that intends to influence political events. A key part of political warfare is the collection and analysis of information about the target audience, so that the attacker can understand what the intended audience's emotions are before committing their intelligence to action. The most common ways this works are through influencing their emotions or perception in order for them to think or act in a certain way, or simply be aware and respond as intended to events occurring on their planet.

Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathering is the process of acquiring knowledge. This might include looking at or listening to people, identifying documents and other materials, undercover activities and so on.

Intelligence gathering is the collection of information by whatever means possible. The act of intelligence gathering can include reconnaissance (watching, listening, and looking), surveillance, communication interception, burglary and infiltration. Intelligence officers are employed in government to gather information necessary for the military or security forces to carry out their duties.

Communication is central to our everyday interactions, but it’s more than just a way for us to get our needs met. Communication can also be a platform for information and intelligence gathering. We use forms of communication like speech and writing to pass on instructions, convey messages, and share information with others in the hopes that their actions will help us achieve our goals.

Intelligence gathering

Cyber War

Cyber war in simple terms means the use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organisation by disabling financial and organisational systems through stealing or altering classified data to undermine networks, websites and services via the Internet through computer viruses, Denial-of-Service attacks, etc. Cyber war is a virtual conflict initiated as a political attack on the enemy's computer and information system and also known as 'Cyber Warfare'.

Cyber war is often confused with the term "Cyber Crime". There is no doubt indeed that all acts of cyber war are cyber crimes, but not all acts of cyber crime can be termed as cyber war. In order to understand what Cyber War exactly means, let's take an example, when a person from country A conducts a targeted attack against several companies in country B, does it count as cyber war, or cybercrime? The answer depends on "intent". If the attack is politically motivated, an act that may destroy data or even cause physical damage to the political infrastructure of a specific country, it may be considered an act of cyber war.

Cyber War

Legal Framework to Check the Cyber Attack:

With an expansion in the growth of technology and increase in the crimes in cyberspace, there was an urgent need of strict statutory laws to regulate the criminal activities in the cyber world and to protect technological advancement systems. In the virtual world known as Cyberspace, the criminal activities are not easily identified and require specific skill with state of the art technology. In addition to the specific skill of the law enforcement agencies, an up to date law is also required to deal with the cases related to cyber attack. We now look into the law of different countries related to cyber attack:

Legal Framework to Check the Cyber Attack

Machine Learning in Politics

Brand Analysis
Harnessing the Power

There has never been a better time to be a politician - unless, of course, you can be a machine learning in politics engineer working for a politician. Throughout modern history, political candidates have tended to have limited tools to gauge the sentiments and opinions of the electorate.

Brand Monitoring
Big Data

The advent of big data and its application in political election campaigns changed that. Most prominently, it was in the early 2000’s in the West that first relied on large scale analysis of social media which was used to improve fundraising efforts and to coordinate volunteers. Now, the next level of this digital transformation involves the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) systems into election campaigns alongside nearly all other aspects of political life.

Brand Augmentation
AI and Democracy

But as we approach an election climate in which everything from voter intelligence to voter targeting and conversational engagement can be automated, we need to ask ourselves: are we putting our democracy at risk by putting too much trust into AI systems? How far should we go in the integration of machines into the human side of democracy?

Public Relations Campaigns
Predictive Scores

Campaigns use data in many ways. These include discovering favorability and strategizing which places need more mobilising. They also use these data to compose a list of citizens to contact when in need of various services. There are three types of predictive scores that are used in predictive models: behaviour scores.

Media Monitoring
Responsive Scores

The responsive scores also predict how different groups of individuals will respond most positively to direct communication. Campaign managers also use these three types of scores in strategizing which citizens to target, the best communication methods for different groups, and how best to persuade voters .These predictions need to be as accurate as possible which is a serious challenge because data collected from polls is not representative.

Local Visibility
Collecting Data Efficiently

Both phone calls and door knocking provide polling results that are used in predictive models. Phone calls are a faster method than door knocking but it is still time consuming and inefficient. In addition, not everyone owns a phone, making it hard for campaign data analysts to obtain representative data. This lack of good ways to collect data and create predictive models creates a need for Machine Learning in politics, a more accurate way to process data.

Political War Rooms

  • Political Ninjas’s Political War Room is specifically equipped with the technical means to gather information, plan strategy, direct activities, etc. to successfully conduct the Digital Political Campaign.
  • Through our Political War Rooms, we focus on practicing all the political events that happen among the public and plan the procedure for what is going to happen further.
  • In our Political War rooms, we will help you to plan and strategize for the next activities as well as track down the voter’s movements on a daily basis.
  • Political Ninjas’s team of expert analysts will observe as well as attend all the rallies for the better outcome of your political campaign management process.
Political War Rooms

Data Gathering

The purpose of data gathering is to collect relevant information regarding the subject and its context. Data gathering includes but is not limited to data collection, data analysis and data presentation. Data gathering is the process of collecting, analysing, comparing and distributing information to your audience. It includes:

  • The purpose of political messaging data gathering is to develop a personalised message for voter interactions. The goal is to deliver the most effective message based on past conversations, demographics and the current climate in an area. When combined with polling data, this information allows us to build tailored messages that are timed to specific points in time.
  • Political messaging is the act of communicating with audiences about political ideas, decisions, or issues. It is often used to get people to vote for a certain candidate or for a particular party platform. It can be about adding new ideas to become better candidates in another election.
  • We create, analyse and distribute strategic information to inform public opinion. We study the political behaviour of citizens by collecting and analysing data. This allows us to develop tools that can be used in research, management and decision-making.













Our Team

We have gathered a skilled and experienced team who are dedicated and enthusiastic to get best quality results

Data Dashboard

Political war room is a platform that delivers a customizable political data dashboard to make you better informed.

Insights into Local Politics

This political data dashboard is a tool to help users track the issues, figures, and moves that affect their community. The dashboard features visualisations of historical election data, measurements against pre-defined safety and freedom benchmarks, external support for monitoring who is supporting or opposing candidates, evidence based predictions about which candidates will win elections in the upcoming months, and more.

Real-Time Data Analysis

The political war room is a data dashboard, created by a team of political analysts for governments to use to study other countries’ political data. Get up to speed with new political data every minute. A powerful, fast and easy-to-use dashboard that is constantly updated with the latest news, polls, data and research.

Campaign Manager

Great to see you. Do you want to be the campaign manager of your Party? This app is a political development data dashboard. This is a unique political development data dashboard for displaying key points of important information about elections and elections priorities. This is an excellent tool for political and election strategists, journalists and activists. You can measure trends and changes in the voting population using the interactive charts.

Unlock Political Insights

A Political Data Dashboard delivers actionable insights on the top candidates, issues and political data trends for businesses to secure success in the political environment. A comprehensive data dashboard that allows you to drill down on any political development issue. Our political data dashboard platform highlights key metrics and trends, providing instant analysis at the hit of a button.

Tracking Public Opinion

Create an in-depth data dashboard for your campaign team. Create reports, trend graphs and dashboards to guide the direction of your next election. Set up alerts and broadcasts to keep your team informed on the latest moves by competitors or opponents. is a tool for politics, which is designed to track public opinion polls, political events and their relation to your campaign.

Detailed Political Insight

Political war room is a powerful data dashboard and analytics tool. Get your hands on all the metrics and trends that really matter in politics, such as votes gained, number of condos purchased, or campaign donations collected. The only place to go for detailed information about a political campaign or election. Political war room provides you information of different political options and gives you access to the media data which will make your point clear


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We provide an elite set of premium customized services to a selective top-tier clientele such as Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Politicians and Major Political Partiesover the globe.



Our services are super premium, are only for the elite and a little expensive. It’s all because we very strongly believe in Quality over Quantity, hence we only serve a very limited number of clients at a time ensuring that we always meet our clients expectations, over-deliver, before time and create success stories together.



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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based proprietary Tools, Assets and Resources which are so powerful that they can only run on Powerful Datacenters, Mainframes and Supercomputers and have been years in development, implementation, learning and improvement. They are used for traditional services.

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