It is the process of computationally categorizing online mentions as positive, negative, or neutral to determine the author’s attitude to a subject. In this stage, using our extremely powerful tools equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

These tools automatically assign sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) to collected mentions and to flag the ones that cannot be analyzed well enough to be assigned with a sentiment manually and as per the grouping the entries are sent to promotion or demotion relays which will be covered in later stages.

3 W's of Analysis

Why Analysis?

Analysis is our Super Power. We research every inch of digital information to come up with the insights that help you make better decisions and results.


What is the vision?

We’re on a mission to discover every person of interest and their preferences. Our vision is to use what we learn to understand the audience better.


What does it do?

Our analysis will change the way people view data. We help you target the right audience and deliver content that is highly relevant.

3 W's


Research and Analytics

Understanding your target audience is key to the success of any Campaign Strategy. Whether your goal is to gain more control over how you are perceived online, or to improve the quality of information that exists out there, Sentiment Analysis is a powerful stage to have at your disposal. It's Likely be the most critical component of any strategy. Our strategy helps you gain more control over how your brand is perceived online.

Opinion Matters

Once you understand people’s opinion, you will be able to develop a targeted Campaign. We can use sentiment analysis techniques beyond the scope of social media. We look at sentiment in the context of search results and visibility. Something with a strongly negative sentiment that is far back in search results is less of a threat than something of slightly negative sentiment that sits at the top of page one in Google or Bing.

Monitor and Adapt

It is essential to maintain a pulse on what people are saying about you online. The more closely you monitor the feelings and opinions that people have about you, the easier it will be to grow and adapt over time. We continuously monitor search results, news archives and other public resources to determine what people are saying about you online. The better monitoring system resists a better chance of changing the narrative.

Sorting Data at Scale

Can you imagine manually sorting through thousands of tweets, facebook posts or reddit threads? There’s just too much data to process manually. Sentiment analysis helps us process huge amounts of data in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Real-Time Analysis

What are the repercussions of the speech you just made in public?

Consistent Criteria

It’s estimated that people only agree around 60-65% of the time when determining the sentiment of a particular text. Tagging text by sentiment is highly subjective, influenced by personal experiences, thoughts, and beliefs.



Develop a more powerful campaign strategy


Quickly respond to feedback (both negative & positive)


Measure the impact of social media efforts


Fast-track growth

Go Up