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Approach Toward The Manifesto

  • Political Ninjas's intent for Manifesto is to communicate a contrast between established politics and our own values. Our campaign will be featured in the national press, many major publications and magazines, and even The News Shows.
  • It’s a strategy to communicate the brand’s values, strategies, and initiatives to the target audience. The goal of manifesto branding is to attract new voters and motivate existing ones who can be allowed to respond with actions that align with the electoral mission
  • Political Ninjas can help you build a progressive political manifesto by aligning your party website and social media platforms with your message. We have the tools and expertise to develop powerful branded content.

Our Vision

The vision for creating a Political Manifesto should be to clearly and concisely articulate the values and ideas that define a particular political party, and to provide a roadmap for how it will work to achieve those goals if elected. It should be written in a way that is accessible to all members of the electorate, regardless of political affiliation. The manifesto should also provide a platform for an informed and constructive dialogue between the political party and its constituents.

Candidate and Manifesto

Elements of political manifesto

This should explain the purpose of the manifesto and the party’s vision for the future.


This should outline the party’s values, principles, and beliefs.


This should explain the party’s main policy areas and the main objectives for each.


This should provide details of how the party plans to address the issues it has identified.


This should include clear and achievable commitments to be delivered if the party is elected.


It serves as a platform for what the party or candidate stands for, and it communicates their vision for the future of their constituents. It also serves to define the party or candidate's position on issues and to focus their campaign. It is essential for political parties and candidates to have a clear and concise manifesto in order to gain the trust of the people and build a successful campaign.

Enhancing Visibility Candidate supremacy


The main benefit of a political manifesto is that it serves as a platform for a political party to express their goals, values, and ideas. It outlines what they plan to do if they gain a majority in the government, and provides a general overview of their policies. Additionally, a political manifesto provides voters with a clear understanding of what a political party stands for and what they are likely to do if elected. Finally, it can help a party to differentiate itself from other political parties, which can be beneficial for gaining voter support.

Reputation Management

Manifesto types

Defining a threat is only half the battle. You need to know where they come from, and what they want. The combination of analytics and open source intelligence, identification of any potential is possible.

Liberal Manifesto

It outlines the party's core values, objectives, and strategies for achieving a fairer, more open, and more prosperous society. It includes policies on a range of issues such as the economy, education, healthcare, the environment, and civil liberties.

Democratic Manifesto

The Democratic form of manifesto is a set of beliefs and goals that a political party is committed to achieving. It outlines the party's values and principles, as well as the plans and policies the party will pursue if it is elected to power. It is used to demonstrate to voters that the party has an understanding of the issues at hand and is focused on achieving results.

Socialist Manifesto

The Socialist Manifesto is a set of principles and beliefs that promote the idea of a society based on collective ownership and shared resources. It advocates for social and economic equality, and the elimination of class distinctions. The Manifesto calls for the complete transformation of the political, economic and social system from one based on private ownership and the pursuit of profit to one based on public ownership and the pursuit of social justice.

Nationalist Manifesto

The Nationalist Manifesto is a political document that outlines the political principles and objectives of a nationalist movement. It typically emphasizes the importance of the nation and national identity, calls for the protection of national sovereignty and independence, and promotes the formation of a strong and unified nation-state. The manifesto may also address issues such as economic policy, foreign policy, and social issues, among others.

Manifesto promotion

Manifesto promotion is the process of raising awareness of a company, product, or service by emphasizing the values and beliefs that the company stands for. It is an effective way to increase brand recognition, as well as build trust and loyalty among customers. This can be done through various methods such as content marketing, social media campaigns, and advertising. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the messaging is consistent across all platforms and channels to ensure maximum impact.

Image Management

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How Manifesto can be Promoted

Online Promotion

Social Media

Utilize social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to promote your manifesto. Post regular updates and videos to engage with your audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach people who are already interested in your manifesto. Create an email list and send out regular updates and promotions.

Paid Ads

Invest in paid ads on social media to reach a larger audience. Ads can be targeted to specific audiences, making it easier to get in front of the right people.

Performance Data

Our way to approach this is to distil down criteria for a candidate into a set of core factors. These will be the factors and performance which drive overall assessment of the campaign.

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