Establishing and strengthening the clean and positive reputation takes a lifetime, and all of that lifetime's hard work can become meaningless if negative stories, videos, reviews, posts, articles, start suddenly showing up on all the important spots on the internet.

Random people, enemies, competitors, media agencies, journalists willingly or unwillingly destroy individuals and organizations everyday with negative content. Even Years after the negative content is published it can wreck havocs to the reputation and have immensely destructive effects.

Sometimes damaging online content can be taken down, blocked by special means, or banned or at least it can be pushed down or suppressed. A major part of any Campaign Strategy involves demoting and suppressing such negative content, while highlighting positive one. It involves the following:

  - Removing or suppressing images and videos that are undesirable or embarrassing or violate copyright or are undesirable in any way.
  - Astroturfing third-party websites by flooding positive reviews, diluting and pulling down the negative ones.
  - Proactively responding to public criticism stemming from recent changes.
  - Reporting and demotivating the authors of the negative content and filing legal and other kinds of takedown notices and removing online mugshots.
  - Contacting editors to remove allegedly incorrect information on you from the pages of businesses they represent; etc.

3 W's of Demotion

Why Demotion?

Our demotion Stage helps you remove toxic content from your web, and provides a specific methodology for improving its authority.


What does it do?

Our team will demote all the negative content linked to your site, while highlighting your positive content.


What is the vision?

Our vision is to exhaust any keyword related to you with positive content to build an affirmative and positive image.

3 W's


Relevant Keywords Protection

Ensuring positive results on search engines when Brand / Organization name and related phrases are searched by deindexing the negative ones. Failure to monitor and keep relevant keywords free of negative, harmful, or controversial material can result in penalties that may cost you thousands of dollars loss of brand impression and reputation damage. We specialize in De-indexing negative content while ensuring your brand stays visible for relevant searches.

SE Wipeout

Removal / Replacement / Burial of search results showing negative reviews or opinions or bad PR. Negative content can cause a massive and irreparable loss of trust. It can also have catastrophic consequences if you don't take action to correct the problem. With Google constantly looking for spam online, it is critical to spread positive content and remove negative content. Our Activities push positive content only.

Dialogue Control

Addressing bad PR and negative comments Connect with disgruntled authors and people to get the reviews off. We find bad PR, negative comments, or any other unhappy individual whose opinion might impact your brand. We address and end the hostilities, whether through a simple dialogue or as needed. Our team will work through all the negative PR and bring you a solid positive image by creating an online support structure.

Negative Review Replacement

Ensuring that negative reviews are taken down or replaced by positive ones on third-party sites. Our activities provide a comprehensive negative review removal. We replace negative reviews with positive ones, which boost your credibility and rating. We help brands protect their reputation online and increase conversions by removing negative reviews and replacing them with ones that your audience will trust.

Microsites / Decoy Sites

Development of campaign and purpose specific websites. Microsites and decoy sites are smaller websites that are solely created for the purpose of demoting content. These help in achieving higher CTRs, and better conversion rates. Our activities provide a comprehensive deep-web demotion. We replace negative reviews with positive ones, which boost your credibility and rating.

Negative Articles and Videos Removal

Our process does not tolerate pages that contain inappropriate and hate-filled comments. We believe in the help of our litigation support and other reporting buttons. With clear key messaging, we deliver effortlessly effective content and visual assets that align with your brand voice and tone.

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