Perception is reality and in today’s digital landscape, a negative reputation can be the kiss of death. People will almost all the time voice their opinion on social media, especially if the opinion is negative. Social media became what the public forums and bars were in the past. We use this stage to know what people think and feel on social media.

Our Monitoring stage is required to be performed only once. Here, our major focus is on tracking mentions, trends and updates. For which, we create a mechanism that monitors the defined content, mentions and all other major news and updates.

It’s too easy for negative, libelous, unwanted, or defamatory content to pop up on the internet and go viral in a matter of hours. We create alerts that ensure we catch important events and don’t get squished under the social media avalanche. Also, we monitor all relevant news and production houses to catch their every new post, create alerts for key influencers, bloggers and journalists so we can be first to engage with their content to turn the engagement, availability and accessibility tide to our liking. We also keep a close eye on the backlinks of all of these posts and create a meaningful web to track new links as they roll in from around the web.


Privacy Enforcement


erception Perfection

Monitoring individuals

public Sentiments

Black list and white list sites

political Intelligence

Deep Web Monitoring

3 W's of Monitoring

Why Monitoring?

Our team is dedicated to monitoring the activity surrounding any website. That means we’re on the lookout for a lot of different things, including mentions, trends, and updates.


What is the vision?

Our vision by monitoring activity is to save the analytics for any future purposes. Our points of focus allow us to gain the perspective of trends better.


What does it do?

Monitoring gives us every fact and data that pertains to our strategy, every activity has been recorded and monitors everything that is going on.




Create alerts for all the relevant keywords that have an impact on our target audience.

We keep our finger on the pulse, detecting shifts in keyword data before everyone else. We alert you to new opportunities and track what’s working — all so you don’t have to. Whether it’s a long-term trend or a sudden increase in searches, we have you covered.


Monitor all relevant mentions across the deepest corners of all social media platforms.

All relevant mentions and respective engagements across the deepest corners of the internet are monitored. Everything you need to know from Twitter to Reddit are at your fingertips. We will monitor your presence across all social media platforms to ensure you are being kept up to date with all major updates.


Keep up with all the stories and topics for relevant news and the global zeitgeist.

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the most relevant news from around the world. Our team of reposts and journalists are constantly scouring social media, news sites, Newswires, blogs, Reddit subreddits, forums & Reddit AMAs for stories.


Track influential blogs to find relevant news and posts and see what people are saying about current events.

Keeping track of the latest news, trends, and movements from reliable sources can be a lot of work. We do the heavy lifting, and deliver only what matters to you. We provide a full range of data relevant to the existing keywords.


Discover the stories that are firing up reporters on our relevant topics and find influencers acting out.

Our monitoring and tracking platform is capable of delivering insights from the most influential bloggers, the media and other sources. Their work directly influences a huge chunk of the population. We monitor all news and blogs so you can stay in the loop.


Track everyone posting or promoting anything undesirable for our campaign, so we are always one-step ahead.

We’ll keep an eye on your competitors. We’ll be on the lookout for anything that could hurt your reputation or campaign. Our research team will keep you up to date on everything that matters to your reputation.


Configure notifications to get notified so we can update reports and build on victories.

We'll alert you to new trends and changes in sentiment so you stay ahead of the game. We’ll tell you about potential trends on social media before anyone else can spot them! By checking relevant social media sites everyday our team will inform you if your reputation is suffering from a negative image in the public eye.


Identify the rise and fall of measurable KPIs we discover during monitoring.

We identify all the matrices that always allow you to calculate the optimal duration of your campaign as well as the traffic volume required. Our matrices include social media engagements, key performance indicators.


Learn from content that gets links and optimize our strategy for future feats.

We specialize in growing intelligent strategies.We are always innovating because human nature never stops evolving. It is what we work on. We try to evolve our strategy by measuring all the matrices on the following data and choosing which content receives the best results.

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