Any Campaign should have breakthrough ideas, broad objectives, as a part of their Campaign Strategy. Hence, we start with Discovery stage, where we foresee all risks and shortcomings, align on need for the campaign, analyse the right target audiences, come up with a detailed set of goals and milestones.

So, we strategically spark content ideas by grazing through various topics and forums, to identify the rising and falling trends. We create a factory of relevant ideas - saving the hassle of never running out of content topics again.

We shortlist related topics along with real content examples to kick start our research. One thing we need to remember - our audience has the answers to find them. We would search millions of websites, forums, social media and Q&A sites.



Test all assumptions

Before starting with any campaign, we become familiarized with the trends, audiences, and everything around in a way that helps us tackle every risk possible.


Validate all ideas

Not all assumptions should be accepted as fact. We run tests that make sure your plans stay on target by making decisions and testing hypothesis up front.


Optimize development plans

Our aim focuses on assessing and evaluating every possible solution. With so many ideas our discovering stage makes sure to provide the best plan and strategy.


Speed-up campaign launch

Our discovery stage presents the final findings for quick implementation for campaigning strategy. Our first step is to do all the grunt work to speed-up the process.


Some people skip the discovery stage, mistakenly considering it to be a waste of time and money. However, this stage helps you understand the TG better and roll out best possible ideas all on basis of the milestones we establish:

Competition Analysis

Identifying TG

Setting up USPs

Establishing milestones

3 W's of Discovery

Why discovery?

Discovery is the step that most campaigns forget to include. Our motive is to get familiar with the objectives, trends and market for the best possible results.


What does it do?

Discovery optimizes our workforce, time and resources. We do all the work beforehand to get better and speedy results.


What is the vision?

Just like our company’s objective, we also provide a vision to over-deliver. Discovery is the step that allows us to be ahead of the competition.




Find the high-traffic keywords you need to include.

No matter what industry you are in, it is important to make sure that your content reaches its target audience. We try to search for keywords that a large number of people are using during online searches and at the same time used by a relatively low number of competitors.


Explore the gaps in common knowledge so you can create in-demand content.

There’s a common misconception that what matters most is the quality or solution of a product. We believe that people matter more than anything. This is why we connect with our audience to find out what they really want. Users are satisfied with various aspects of the forum like solutions accuracy, tags sufficiency etc.


Find and access real-time views of viral trends for the topic, domain or location.

Identifying trends point out problems. This allows us to make a significant contribution to our industry. Trends has been proven a successful strategy in allowing brands or individuals to create awareness, as users share content within their own networks of connections.


Sort stories by trending score to spot emerging viral create in-demand content.

Our powerful technology analyzes thousands of pieces of content and automatically discovers potential viral hits for us. We use a state of the art algorithm that tracks real time trends from data across the world wide web. Using this algorithm, we can predict viral hits before they happen. This way we ensure that you have something share-worthy before everyone else.


Hear what your audience is asking so you can adopt their tone and languages.

Audience adaptation is important because the presentation will be more effective if created and delivered in an appropriate manner. A healthy use of your imagination helps you identify the audience and create the presentation to suit their needs.


Focus on relevant regions to get meaningful insights.

We use geolocation to create precision-targeted digital maps. These maps are perfect for finding your ideal social media audience at a specified radius and time. With our unique geo-filter tool, we harness the power of social media to gain valuable insights to help you for meaningful insights. While the tool searches by location first, we also have the ability to filter the search.


Keep an eye on performance data for just released content.

Real-time tracking doesn’t only give us greater awareness of inefficiencies and problems but; it also highlights the most affirmative points to work upon. Our real-time monitoring system allows us to pinpoint problems, issues, and potential downtime within seconds so we can address them as quickly as possible.


Drill down into any topic to view trends & more examples.

We conduct a critical meta-analysis of quantitative research strategies related to various topics (e.g., team member selection, software reuse, social networking) to identify potential research gaps. We use this analysis to guide the development of future research questions and hypotheses.


Break out of your usual content ruts & get creative.

Assuming that you know what your audience thinks is shortsighted. Like all humans, the audience's needs change. We take the time to check in and discuss what’s important to the audience on a regular basis. We possess the quality to think out of the box to deliver what we promised.

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