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PPC Expert Jobs in Delhi at Political Ninjas - Check Out PPC Management, Paid Advertising and Online Advertising Jobs For Freshers And Experienced with Skills. Pay-per-click is paid search marketing commonly associated with first-tier search engines (such as Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising formerly Bing Ads). With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market and pay when ads (text-based search ads or shopping ads that are a combination of images and text) are clicked. In contrast, content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system. PPC display advertisements, also known as banner ads, are shown on web sites with related content that have agreed to show ads and are typically not pay-per-click advertising.

PPC Manager Responsibilities

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a paid advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

PPC expert uses Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter have also adopted pay-per-click as one of their advertising models. The amount advertiser pays depends on the publisher and usually driven by two major factors Quality of the ad and maximum bid advertiser is willing to pay per click. The higher the quality of the ad, the lower the cost per click is charged and vice versa.

PPC management is the process of overseeing and managing a company’s PPC ad spend. This often strategies and ad buys while minimizing the overall expenditure. This may be done by the e-merchant or vendor themselves, or a dedicated specialist called PPC Manager manage PPC buys on their behalf. PPC management is generally seen as an evolving art where perfect optimization is not possible, but is still the objective.

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Political Ninjas is An Elite International Political Firm with presence in 3 Continents evolving for a decade, having served elite clients such as Governments, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities and HNIs in 30+ Countries. Over the years, we have garnered and trained a team of industry experts that are capable of providing the best quality results.



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Our Principles

These are some of the principles that we strongly believe in, preach and actually follow as well.


We clearly commit what we can do, by when can we do it and how we would do it, And then we do it.


We are extremely paranoid about protecting the confidentiality of what we do, for whom and how we do it.


We ensure comfortability of you and your team with ours, which can only come from complete transparency.


We keep improving our already awesome capabilities by investing all resources at our disposal.

PPC Jobs

PPC Jobs for Freshers

PPC Manager Job Description

• Handle a team of PPC Executives
• Elaborate PPC Strategies to clients including different campaigns
• To manage huge PPC and shopping campaigns across google and bing
• To control paid media or PPC campaigns across all social networks
• To improve ROI and performance then implement A/B and multivariate testing
• Use Google adwords and Google analytics to analyse all PPC campaigns
• To control large scale PPC budgets
• Update with latest developments and trends
• Update and check all campaign copy
• And last to ensure maximize ROI

PPC Manager Required Skills

• Trained or educated in handling PPC campaigns and upgrade PPC strategies
• Experience in large scale budget
• Excellent analytical and reporting skills
• Must aware about management skills
• Familier with google adwords and google analytics
• Can handle multiple PPC campaigns simultaneously
• A good knowledge of digital marketing mix, SEO and social media
• Exceptional communication and copywriting skills
• Familier with office programmes , Excel and powerpoint
• Certification of google adwords
• Implement new PPC campaigns and achieved ROI for clients
• Should know french and german as a bonus

Why Us?

Why are we so amazing?


Our awesome chef prepares freshly Maison-made breakfasts, lunches, diners, beverages, coffees everyday to provide the fuel you need to innovate and Execute Best Ideas.


Want to organize, talk or attend an event? We give you two days per month to attend or organize team-buildings, conferences, trainings, meetups or hackathons.


Work hard, play hard! We have an in-house bar with a large choice of wines, beers and arcade games. Plus, we organize memorable & engaging team events at least twice a month.

Fun Days

Besides a day off, we present you with a day that is full of fun. You get to choose from a vast array of fun activities from outdoor activities to pool parties.


We choose to work in a flex office environment to grow new collaborative ideas and practices. We work in small product oriented teams to focus & execute faster.


At Political Ninjas, we don’t care about your degrees, we only care about what you know. Your skillset will be evaluated in regard to your technical experiences and skills.

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